Irian Maluku


Modern Channel

Resources are constantly developed to improve the infrastructure and distribution facilities to keep it archieve a better quality of Distribution Method. (Good Distribution Practice). The totality of the services and the smooth operation of Mulia Putra Mandiri powered by 120 distribution points in all 33 provinces in Indonesia, and with the support of technology, we always provide timely reporting and accurate. We have a complete customer database. Currently we have routinely serve 120.000 customers, namely.

Traditional Channel

As the spearhead of the distribution, we have a 750 strong sales force force personnel and skilled, always ready to serve customers by promoting friendly, communicative and responsive. Analysis capabilities of the sales personnel of Mulia Putra Mandiri set the accuracyof the number of goods in the stock, thus reducing than risk of emptiness or excess stock. With the help of technology, our sales people are always able to plan the schedule and frequency of visits appropriately and effectively. Currently we have routinely serve 120.000 customers.