The Company

Mulia Putra Mandiri is one of the fastest growing distributors in the development of distribution networks throughout the nation. This encourages the growth of the number of customers and sales which are astonished. As distributor who focus distribute herbal products, herb, nutritional and other health products, always providing innovative services and has an extensive network that reaches all corners of Indonesia.

Mulia Putra Mandiri believes that success begins with honesty and commitment. Therefore, in running a business, Mulia Putra Mandiri always upholds the values of honesty and integrity in running the business of distribution. All of that to provide the best service and mutually beneficial cooperation with all parties involved in our business, such as principals, agents and customers. We distribute herbal products with a broad coverage area and include the wholesale market, Drug Stores, Pharmacies, Stores, Shop throughout Indonesia.

The People

We believe the distribution business is largely determined by the element of trust. Trust must be built to have a management team with a good reputation, high professionalism with a track record of success that can be accounted for.

Similarly, Mulia Putra Mandiri managed by the figures that are rich in experience in the business world and expert in the field of distribution, namely :

Chairman : Mulyo Rahardjo
Director : Yayang Yudhistira Stv
General Manager : I Gede Indra Wirama
Head of Business : Herman Oscar